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NEW ME IM Spiral Cross Body Patchwork Passport Bag

NEW ME IM Spiral Cross Body Patchwork Passport Bag

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Vibrant colors, hippie style patterns and designs make these cross body patchwork purses the perfect light and stylish, little convenient quick carry all! Especially for those key items you don't want to dig through a larger bag for such as keys, an ID or maybe a passport while traveling.

The long cross body string allows you to strap this helpful, pretty purse securely and close to you. It works well with your casual days or the days you feel like keeping it light and bohemian.

Our cross body patchwork purses are a wonderful item to carry special and important items as well in a colorful way! Hand crafted & stonewashed.



*Length: 8 inches and 7 inches in width

 Made with 100% cotton

 Handmade item, colors may vary slightly

  Zipper closure 

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