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Hidden Bug Finder Anti-Theft Device Alarm for Travel Safe

Hidden Bug Finder Anti-Theft Device Alarm for Travel Safe

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Hotel accommodation, when you go out camping, you can turn on the alarm alert function. The scanning of the snake shot products in the hotel behind the door or at the tent side is excluded.
Baggage and mobile phone in public places such as airports, stations, restaurants, etc. Prevent Valuables from being lost, stolen or robbed on valuables such as wallets. The combination of sound and light alarms can effectively deter suspicions people trace.
The elderly who are inconvenient to move, the sudden illness can not speak the case rescue(remind nearby people to need help) LED flashlight, in special in case the lighting needs can be met, the design is intimate

Product Type: Infrared Detector
Material: ABS plastic
Product features: Infrared detector, alarm, led flashlight
Applicable products: Portable security
Product weight: 65g
Color: black, rose gold
Smoovie Multifunctional Infrared Detector Hotel Monitoring Anti-spying Monitoring Sound and Light Alarm Night Flashlight

Package Content:
1 x alarm

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