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Creative Fruit Funny Pet Cat Tunnel Toys

Creative Fruit Funny Pet Cat Tunnel Toys

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The cat hammock is made with super soft short plush, very soft, breathable, bringing a sweet rest for the pet.
Double-sides usable: Both two sides of the hammock are usable. When one side is dirty, the other side can be changed to use, or change it as per the mood, very creative and flexible design.
Easy install: You can just fix the hammock to any corner, cats enjoy lying on the hammock.
4 strong belts and hanging hooks: 4 belts and 4 hanging hooks are firm enough to hold 20kg weight, safe for normal size pet.
Keep cat body heat in cold weather, protect the health of pet when they are resting.

Material: Cloth
Product Category: Pet Nest
Color: Red carrot, green cucumber, purple eggplant

Package Content:
1x nest

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