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Portable Two-color In-line Console Gamepad Plug And Play

Portable Two-color In-line Console Gamepad Plug And Play

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Product information:
Model: Switch/Switch OLED
Game console accessories type: game console handle
Product size: 13*28.8*6.6cm
Material: ABS

3.1. The Switch game console is installed directly on the handle, which can enhance the player's grip.
3.2. After inserting the Switch game console, the handle is automatically connected. (The premise is that the handle upgrade switch should be turned off)
3.3. It has functions such as screenshot key, six-axis gyroscope gravity sensing, custom key function programming (mapping), dual motor vibration, power charging input interface, and handle system upgrade.
3.4. Adopt Type c interface design, support Switch game console to play games while charging, can be charged with Switch original power adapter or standard 15V PD protocol power adapter.
3.5. The product is easy to install, novel in appearance and beautiful in structure.

The Switch OLED console can be used directly by inserting it into the handle, and the Switch console needs to be used with a gasket

Note: applicable to SwitchOLED, but not this brand

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