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Cowhide Leather Sisal Cushion Cover

Cowhide Leather Sisal Cushion Cover

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Purely handmade, natural color and attractive, cowhide leather Cushion Cover are a cost-effective yet simple way to add style, warmth, and texture to any interiors with our well designed handmade products. As they transform the spaces and furniture, thereby giving them a new lease of life. Largely, all cushion covers are full of beauty and splendor, made from original handmade cowhide leather and backed with quality PU leather and a strong, durable zip fastening with different designs.

Our cowhide custom cushion cover are one of a kind, and this means that every piece is unique. And Cowhide cushions add an element of individuality to your interior. They particularly well style with other natural materials such as wood, foliage, wicker, and leather. But can also be juxtaposed with industrial elements such as exposed bricks and metals for an entirely modern take. Style them Classic, Rustic or coastal style. This leather has a soft, weathered patina.

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