About Us

New Me is a store with the purpose of helping the positive transformation of each individual and family. Variety of clothing for the family, plus sizes, seasonal and regular, jewelry, electronics, toys, home and items that help with depression, stress and anxiety. Finished some credits in Business Administration in Management and continued studies in Industrial Health and Safety. I did not study anything related to psychology but I have my experience since I suffered from severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks and that is why my purpose is to help you transform your worst weakness or fear into your greatest strength. My mission is to continue innovating in articles that help to combat mental conditions such as the New Detox and from each sale to cooperate with investigations or mental health centers and Suicide Prevention. We will be offering live and recorded videos on social networks and a lot of innovative content about the products, experiences lived by depression, among others, and how I was facing up with them, from which I finished treatments with great success and I remain focused on my goals with a lot of positivity. If I could, I'm sure you will too.