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Wooden Domino Blocks Building Toy Kits Color Sort Rainbow

Wooden Domino Blocks Building Toy Kits Color Sort Rainbow

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* It is made of environmentally friendly wood and non-toxic paint, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and it is safe for children to play with.
* 12 bright colors, children can learn the names of colors and practice counting
* Stacking dominoes can help children enhance hand-eye coordination, observation ability, and exercise finger flexibility.
* Super fun for your children! Arrange them one by one, and then push down the first one, they will fall continuously and observe the chain effect of dominoes.

Material: wooden
Specification: 4.4x2.2
Paint surface material: water-based environmentally friendly paint
Wood classification: pine
Wooden building block type: Domino
Number of blocks (pieces): 100-200 pieces (pieces)
Block net weight: 0.4kg
Domino type: Domino with a mechanism
Color: 120 pieces of 12-color rainbow dominoes
Surface coating: water paint
Block size: 2.1x4.4x0.7cm

Package Content:
Dominoes x1

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